How to use Instagram as a writer?

If you are thoughtful about your business, it is important to create successful instagram profile and use it to maximize your global appearance on social media sites. You probably have read a similar title in the multitude of courses that exist today, because it is clear that its importance is increasing. But you may feel a little lost at first or do not know if you are following the right strategy, even if it is being used for something. Therefore we will share with you 4 tips that you can to use to enhance your Instagram profile.

1. Optimize your full profile!
Be sure to include the name of your novels, how to find on other social networks and a call to action. Fix the attention with the link to your web page. In addition, you can use of Google URL link to track your visitors, for example you can check if Google listed your new campaign in Google Analytics and thus know how many users are logged after entering your web through Instagram. Wonderful, right?
2. Let your readers know about the existence of your Instagram account!

A good idea is to embed your publications in relevant posts on your blog. For example, if you want to write a post commenting on the progress with your book in the last week include a picture of you writing, so that readers can find your blog and follow your account. How to do it? It is very easy: go to the Web version of Instagram and find the picture you want to put in your input. You will see that if you expand an icon with three dots on the bottom right. Click on it and you will appear two options, chose Instagram embed code Click on “Insert Code” and copy Embed code! If you use WordPress, you have to paste in the text editor of the post you’re writing.
3. Share your everyday life as a writer!

Your readers would love to know who are, they would like to know all about your new novel, passionate about learning that are on the beach writing the last chapter, like they ask your opinion as you’re shaping. Do not miss the opportunity that Instagram gives you! In addition, Instagram is ideal for posting your writing and more people will fall in love with your writing. It sounds great, right?

Additional Clash of Clans Tricks

One of the most popular mobile games nowadays, Clash of Clans is very simple game, but it is not easy to grasp right strategy and tactics. We will give you some of the finest comment tricher a clash of clans that will help you to gain advantage in the game. Our tricks are all based upon saving resources and creating significant edge.

The good plan is to only use spells when it is essential, because just like troops, spells are very luxurious and take a lot of time to be produced. So, you can save few coins if you reduce the numbers of spells that you are using. Though they can be very active, the fact is that you will need to make sure that the fight is absolutely unsolvable without usage of spells. For example. you should see that the Healing Spell starts at 25,000 elixir and the Rage Spell starts at 17,000 elixir, so they are quite expensive. More than that, every time you use spells, you must to be sure that using the spell that will permit you to make at least an extra 18k or 27k of various resources.

It is also good to start matchmaking early in Clash of Clans, because when you start playing the game, you will get a three-day of protective shield or barrier. But, at the same time you can drop it down, because almost no player will want to raid such low level village. So, you can start matchmaking immediately if you want resources for your buildings. You should avoid certain types of a base with unprotected supply collectors, and use simply army made of handful of Archers, Barbarians and Goblins.

You should also consider loot penalty, as it is one of the most significant things to know about game, however it is not a openly promoted feature in the Clash of Clans. Penalty will reduces the quantity of loot you can get from battle if your Town Hall is a greater level than your enemy’s Town Hall. This difference is very significant. In the case that your Town Hall is just one level greater than your opponent’s, you will get 90% of the usual sum. In another case, if your Town Hall is two levels higher, you will only be able to steal 50% of the loot. For three levels, only 25%, and for 4 is higher more than 5 levels, you will get only 5% of the entire resources. This tip is not even stated in the tutorial or somewhere in the game, nevertheless it is tremendously significant.

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